Five Easily Overlooked 2015 Model Year Improvements
2015 Les Paul

Of the many new 2015 guitar features, some fly "under the radar" because they may not be as obvious as the others…


  Artist Spotlight:
Tommy Thayer
  ZZ Ward interview with Shay Carl   Bomba Estereo
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Why Bass Players Choose Gibson
Read on for why so many bass players choose
the Gibson brand.


The Gibson Guitars of Joe Perry
Here's a quick 101 on just a few of his favorite and signature Gibson models, past and present.


"4-Point Action Adjustment":
Why It Matters

The Zero-Fret Adjustable Nut (patent applied for) offers height and angle adjustments at the nut itself.


How to Train your Ear
with your Voice

How to hear something and play it straight away.


Learn "Carry On Wayward Son"
by Kansas the "REAL" way.

Notes in the Fifth Position
Instructor: Steve Krenz

The Ultimate Jazz Chord
Instructor: Steve Krenz

Pentatonic Scales
Instructor: Steve Krenz

Will McFarlane
Part 1 of 3

R&B Guitarist Will McFarlane was playing a club in Cambridge, MA, when he was asked by Grammy-winning Blues singer Bonnie Raitt to join her band. Will spent the next six years on the road with Bonnie Raitt sharing the stage with Blues and R&B legends every night.

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