Five Recording Studio Necessities

A look at the five elements needed to start
(or improve) recording, and how they fit with Gibson Brands.


  Hug Me If You
Love Gibson Prank
"Cool Kids"
  Pulses / Happy MASHUP - Karmin  

Comparing 2011 and 2015
Les Paul Traditionals

You can bet that I'll be putting a 2015 Les Paul Traditional on my guitar wish list. Because it carries on everything I love about my Traditional — fat neck, old-school electronics, cool looks, perfect weight — with features that are undeniably more player-friendly and which expand creative horizons.


Know Your Nuts
Over hundreds of years, guitar nuts have been made from an array of materials — some seem temporarily fashionable, others are now a strict no-no. Some think nut material is of lesser importance on an electric guitar than on an acoustic. But you still need a great nut on any guitar.


Inside Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti
To many fans, it's the ultimate Led Zeppelin album. It's certainly the most epic. Physical Graffiti was released on February 24 1975. Forty years on, it's reissued on 23 February 2015, remastered by Jimmy Page, with out-takes and rare cuts. Here are some must-know and "who cares?" facts about Zeppelin's ultimate throwdown of bombastic rocktastic recording.


The Gibson Guitars of Rise Against's Zach Blair and Tim McIlrath
Here's what the two rockers have had to say about their various Gibson's over the years!


Learn how to play "Get Free" by The Vines the REAL way

Choosing the Right Electric Guitar
Instructor: Steve Krenz

Eric Johnson Triads
Instructor: Steve Krenz

Connecting Three Notes
Instructor: Steve Krenz

Rick Vito
Part 2 of 3

Legendary guitarist Rick Vito sits down and discusses his slide technique, dampening the strings, and his incredible career. If you've ever heard the memorable slide guitar solo in Bob Seger's "Like a Rock" then you've heard the masterful Rick Vito. In this rare interview, the Grammy nominated guitarist Rick Vito plays the same guitar that he used on that memorable song.

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