How to Get 13 Different Pickup Sounds with the
2014 Les Paul Standard
Les Paul Standard

The Les Paul Standard is known for setting a standard with respect to looks and playability. Now innovative electronics take the Burstbucker Pro pickups’ sonic options much further—without active electronics, batteries, or anything other than some clever pickup wiring.


  Min-ETune™: Smaller, lighter, faster, better   Cryogenically Treated
Fret Wire:
Eliminates Corrosion
  Orange Drop Capacitors: Own Your Tone  
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Five Good Reasons to Record
ALL Your Playing

In today’s ultra-busy world, time to do what we all love — play guitar — is at a premium. Working musicians are on the road or in the studio playing gigs, or on the phone or computer scheduling more gigs.


Do Led Zeppelin Matter in 2014?
Led Zeppelin start a thorough reissue program of releases in June 2014 with remastered discs on multiple formats of Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin III. All other original Led Zeppelin albums will eventually get the same style of expanded releases.


Slowpen: Eric Clapton’s Songwriting
Ultimately it was Clapton’s songcraft and singing that elevated him to iconic status as an individual performer, and sometimes relegated his playing to the sidelines — much to the chagrin of his six-string oriented fans. Through the decades Clapton has continued to change, shift and evolve as a tunesmith.


Jack White’s Blues
Guitarist and all-around musician/producer/songwriter Jack White is responsible for shining a light on old delta blues masters that had long been forgotten by the general public. His band The White Stripes covered songs by the likes of Robert Johnson, Son House, and Blind Willie McTell, as well as Captain Beefheart...


This Week in the Skills House

by Ted Nugent

Instructor: Trent Swartzentruber

I've Got a Rock 'N Roll Heart
by Eric Clapton

Instructor: Mike Pachelli

What I Like About You
by The Romantics

Essential Barre Chords
Instructor: Steve Krenz

Fingerstyle Basics
Instructor: Steve Krenz

Open Chords
Instructor: Steve Krenz

Brendon Small —Part 1

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2013 Year of the Les Paul

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Epiphone Ultra III

The new VXT Series of monitors consists of three models, the VXT4, VXT6, and VXT8.

The Cerwin Vega! P-Series is a powerful, portable speaker system with lengendary Cerwin Vega! performance.

Kramer Pacer Vintage

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