5 Must-See Gibson Bands at
Louder than Life Festival
Joe Bonamassa

If you're heading to Louder than Life this October, here are five must-see bands playing the fest that choose Gibson as their guitar of choice.


  Rhett & Link - Outside The Label   La Vida Boheme - Hornos de Cal   Echosmith - Cool Kids  
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Guitar Talk with Finch's
Alex Linares

Linares chatted with Gibson.com about the upcoming album and why he's "totally a Les Paul guy."


Locking in on Grace Notes
on the Bass

There's much more to it than simply being a reliable rhythmic anchor.


Five Tips on Picking
and Muting

Five tips for picking and muting both electric and acoustic instruments to keep in mind while you practice and play.


A Guitar Geek's Guide
to Gibson Basses

Gibson's electric and acoustic six strings are so fabled, it's easy to forget the company's basses.


Learn Lennon and McCartney's classic "Blackbird" the REAL way.

How to Play Harmonics
Instructor: Steve Krenz

Funk String Popping
Instructor: Steve Krenz

Jazz Arpeggios Workout
Instructor: Steve Krenz

Brendon Small of Dethklok
Part 1 of 3

Creator of Adult Swim's animated shows Metalocalypse and Home Movies, and founder of virtual death metal band Dethklok has a lot to talk about. Not only is a new season of Metalocalypse just underway (check your local listings) but the Berklee grad has just finished his solo album Galaktikon. Brendon was kind enough to invite Gibson.com into his Silverlake, California, studio to discuss his music and TV career, working with Metallica, technology, his signature Gibson Thunderhorse Explorer and the sheer joy of playing music.

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